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Action Audio Theatre is a group of audio drama performers and narrators, affiliated to the ACTion@TOTT community theatre group which operates from the Terry O'Toole Theatre in North Hykeham, Lincoln, England.


You'll find our work in the output of a number of audio drama production companies and we were also part of the team that produced the "Culture Corner" feature that was heard on-air via community radio station, Lincoln City Radio 103.6FM in the the Greater Lincoln area of England during 2014 and 2015.  The archives of the broadcasts can be heard  on the web via the "Culture Corner" section of this website

If you think this site is looking a little different  these days, it's because the original version was deleted by Moonfruit.  As ACTion@TOTT performers usually say in Pantomimes, "Oh well, we'll have to do it again then!"

(So we have....................).

Yes, the spinning globe is back, bigger and better than ever!  At least it's one thing that we can improve on the site, (and come on, you'd really miss it if it wasn't here................).  


Lincoln City Radio LCR-LOGO-2